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Strengthening families for a brighter future.

The United Way of Southwest Oklahoma’s Success by 6 programs is an in-house educational initiative of the United Way of Southwest Oklahoma, which aims to provide early childhood literacy education and development opportunities for children from birth to age 6. Recognizing the importance of these early years in shaping a child’s future, the program focuses on enhancing cognitive, social, and emotional skills while promoting health and well-being. With a clear vision and a commitment to creating a brighter future for our youngest residents, this program has become a driving force in ensuring that children receive the support and resources they need during their crucial formative years.

Through collaborative partnerships with local schools, childcare centers, and community organizations, Success by 6 implements a range of initiatives tailored to the specific needs of our community. The program’s key components include early literacy programs, parent education, and support, access to quality early childhood education, and community engagement and advocacy.

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